Student iPad class room expectations - M.O.T.T.O.

Before class;

  • Have all Apps cleared from the multitasking bar (double hitting home button and swipe away Apps to close)
  • Notifications should be turned off for all Apps.
    • Gmail and Google Classroom notifications may remain on.
  • Airdrop is to be turned off.

  When entering a classroom;

  • Have all Apps cleared from multitasking bar.
  • Place iPad on desk, face down on top of student diary.
  • Do not touch or use iPad until directed to do so by a teacher. 

 During lesson;

  • Only use Apps that the teacher has instructed you to use.  
  • Reveal active Apps from the multitasking bar when asked by a teacher.
  • When finished, waiting or not in use, place iPad face down on desk.    

End of lesson

  • Close all Apps from the multitasking bar ready for next class.
Last modified: Friday, 18 March 2016, 3:11 PM