Student NetUse Quota System

NetUse is an internet management tool that provides accountability for our students on our College WiFi network. With the initiation of NetUse, the College is incorporating a monthly download quota limit for all students. This will be 5 GB download limit refreshed every month for all students. All student usernames and passwords will remain the same and no device changes need to be made to existing school WiFi network connections. The quota limit size has been carefully calculated to ensure equability across all year groups.

 To assist students learning, many sites, including our College Moodle page, Google Apps for Education Suite and ClickView online are exempt from the NetUse quota. This ensures that no student is hindered or penalised from accessing key classroom digital technologies and resources.

 Students can monitor their quota in real time via a student NetUse portal link. This will be available for students to access via our College Moodle page. Students will also be prompted within their internet browser when their data download has reached 50%, 75% and 90%. It is important that all students are proactive in ensuring that they do not exceed the monthly quota. Students exceeding the internet quota will receive an MOTTO infringement.

 In the advent of running low on quota a top up request ticket can be submitted via the ICT Help Desk link on the school Moodle page. The Leader of Learning Technologies or our Technical Support Officers will then make contact and investigate the feasibility of an internet quota top up.

Last modified: Thursday, 13 October 2016, 9:53 AM